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Caring for your jewellery is essential to prolong the quality of the piece for as long as possible. Different metals/materials will need different types of care. I have also included some information on the types of metal that I sell so you are able to make an informed decision on the piece that you'd like!

Jewellery Care


Resin is the best material for preserving beautiful flowers and turning them into stunning pieces of jewellery. 

To care for the resin and to keep it looking amazing, make sure to wipe over the resin with a soft cloth now and again. Make sure to store the jewellery away from direct sunlight, and keep away from water, such as in the shower, bath or when washing hands.

Forget me not handmade necklace with real flowers inside a clear resin.

Gold Filled

Gold filled, also sometimes known as rolled gold, is a great alternative to solid gold. It has the look of solid gold for a fraction of the price, however, will last much longer than gold plated items. This is due to the fact that gold filled items have a much thicker layer of gold which does not flake or peel as easily. Gold filled items must contain, by law, 5% or 1/20 of gold by weight. The gold used is generally 12K or 14K. If you are someone who wears jewellery on a daily basis, I would recommend this option.

To keep gold filled jewellery lasting as long as possible please avoid direct contact with chemicals such as perfumes, hair sprays, or cleaning products. Avoid wearing in the bath or shower and store out of direct sun light.

Real pink cornflower necklace made with resin.
Lovebird necklace with real flowers inside resin.

925 Sterling Silver

When caring for sterling silver it is important to wipe it over with a cloth now and again. Due to the properties within the metal the silver can start to turn a little black, this can be wiped away and the jewellery will be looking good as new!  I would recommend taking the jewellery off when showering, bathing and sleeping. Try to keep your jewellery away from harsh chemical exposure, such as perfumes or cleaning products.

925 Sterling Silver is made from 92.5% real silver. This is because if it was 100% silver the metal would be too flexible.

Sterling silver will not tarnish and is higher quality than silver plating, which is why the metal is slightly more expensive.

Handmade butterfly necklace with real flowers in resin.

Plated Metals

To care for them properly, they should be kept away from water, such as showers and baths, as well as any harsh chemicals like perfume or cleaning products.

Plated metal may tarnish over time due to general wear, however for a small charge I am happy to send you a new chain if this happens.

Plated metals are a great cheaper alternative to sterling silver or gold filled items. They are made from a thin layer of gold or silver, with a base metal underneath, commonly, copper, brass, or nickel.

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