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Custom Work

Here are some custom designs which I have been asked to create. I love doing bespoke pieces of jewellery for customers and bringing their ideas to life! Some of these designs are created with the customer's own flowers which have been sent to me. 

If you'd like a custom design please get in contact with me via my email

Request A Custom Order

We offer - 

~ Ashes service

~ Your own dried flowers in a piece of Jewellery

~ Your own custom design.


Thanks for submitting!

In this image is a necklace, sterling silver drop earrings and a sterling silver bracelet. These jewellery pieces are all bee themed. The jewellery pieces all feature real yellow flowers as well as forget me nots flowers in the bracelet. This was a custom order. The necklace has a bee charm added onto it.

Custom Bee Set

Customers own Forget-Me-Not

Customers Own Wedding Flowers

Wood Inspired Coasters

Lock of hair necklace with a real forget me not flower inside resin.

Childs first lock of hair

Copper Marble Table

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